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PN Munich is an international network of professional based in Munich. We are working to expand our partnerships with local, strategic companies to connect with employees and enhance and promote your company's diversity and balanced leadership initiatives.

The goal is to raise your company’s visibility as an organization that is making strides in gender balance.

PWN Munich offers

  • local events, workshops, and programs plus online publications and education with a focus on developing leadership skills for gender balanced teams and programs.

  • a platform to share and learn with other organizations from different industries and countries for benchmarking your diversity programs.

If you believe your company can benefit from a Corporate Membership, please contact us:

Coaching is not just a set of skills, it is not just a profession, or an instrument for better people management, it is a lifestyle, an attitude and a way of being.

BeCoach Academy  is our prefeered partner for coaching services and provides professional coaching training in Munich in English language, following the standards of International Coach Federation (ICF).

PWN Munich Members receive an additional 15% on ANY of BeCoach's services!


The Munich-based EU Business School and PWN Munich are a natural match. The school offers to support PWN's mission and development by offering its location for networking activities and workshops. And PWN offers visibility and promotion for the school, and welcomes student members.


As the world becomes more connected, Gemalto makes it more secure. Gemalto enables organizations to offer trusted digital services for Billions of individuals and things. 

Together Gemalto and PWN celebrated their collaboration and  International Women's Day at the company location in Munich. We often visit them as they are gracious hosts to many of our events.

TE Connectivity is a charter Partner with PWN Munich and we count them as friends. Through the corporate membership with PWN, TE employees integrate with the local network of international, professional women and attend local monthly events with timely topics like Virtual to Real and Digital Transformation.

TE participates in PWN’s Mentorship program and has hosted events with PWN exclusively for TE employee members that enhance collaboration, team building and leadership skills.

"Having access to external, experienced professionals, organizations, and speakers allows TE to benchmark our gender balance performance and adjust internal processes. TE believes that working with PWN Munich helps us to accelerate diversity and inclusion across the organization and industry"                   

Joke Van Acker - TE Connectivity Senior Director Human Resources 

The goal of the Women in Big Data™ Forum is to strengthen the diversity in the big data field. As part  of this initiative, we would like to encourage and attract more female talent to the big data & analytics field and help them connect, engage and grow. 

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